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  • Vertical Below Ground Sewage

    FRP is ideally suited to the water treatment industry because of it’s structural engineered material and it’s well designed thermal, mechanical and chemical resistant properties.

    Features of FRP WA Sewage Tank

    • Smooth, well protected inner surface
    • Excellent design and construction (tanks still in operation for 30 years)
    • Well designed rib placement for better anchorage of tank
    • Integrated valve chambers either circular or square
    • Fitment of different hatch sizes
    • Custom design to suit your requirements
    • Lightweight and easy to handle

    Standard Diameter Sizes

    • 1200mm x up to 10m
    • 1800mm x up to 10m
    • 2200mm x up to 10m
    • 3000mm x up to 10m

    The team at FRP WA can design and build larger diameter sizes on request